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Power is all a matter of “mascarade”! – Part 1

Filiz Elasu had an exclusive interview with one of the famous personalities of the Arab World, the Emperor of Nowheristan, Michel Elefteriades, for Yeni Harman Magazine.Here you have the chance to read the entire interview “uncut”!

You are one of the famous music producers of the Arab World and a well-known figure in World Music circles, the owner of Elef Records in addition to being a writer, poet, songwriter, painter, intellectual, political activist, businessman, a husband, father and the Emperor of Nowheristan at the age of, shall I say, 39 or 40.


How does it all fit in together?

I started at the age 15. There are things that I do  very well…I don’t know…maybe, for example, as a producer, that I think I do very well, but not very well for example as a husband. I am a good producer but not a husband.

In the list, it is not all equal, there are things that I do well, things that I do not. For example, in politics… it got me into lots of troubles… Some people, they do politics and succeed in getting to high positions.The only thing that got me into politics is having to escape the country, having assasination attempts, losing a lot of my friends… It wasn’t a nice experience… I think the people who succeed in politics, the way it is today, are rotten people! The more rotten you are, the more you have chances of getting into higher positions! This is why I am trying to change the world; this is for me what politics means. It is not entering the system, because I consider that all systems everywhere have problems. What we should do is to take best of all systems and create a new system. Okumaya devam et